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tiling over redguard

Today we’re going to share how we made the cement panels completely waterproof using RedGard (1 gallon costs $50). Can Redguard be applied over modified or unmodified thinset? This will make your tile job look uber-fantastic. I think they look pretty nice – and you only need one in theory, where you join the final drain from your whole house, into the output to the street.. if you re-do everything else, that is. I’ve installed Durock Cement Board in my shower/tub surround. Hi jeff, been following your tutorials lately, top notch stuff. Fantastic MMM. Thanks MMM! To build on that, one of the most useful tools I ever purchased was the cheapo Home Depot tile saw (http://goo.gl/HbTkt). How should this joint detail come together? Hmmm. Extra luxury! As for “everything will fail in a matter of time” – I’m not so sure about that. I’m building a Roman Tub in my bathroom (I don’t want to have to knock out the walls surrounding the bathrooms to put in new tubs). Did you use vapour barrier behind dura roc ? If you know welder yo can make from anticorosive tubing as the best. Does this sound problematic at all? Are you going to do a glass door or just use a shower curtain? I’ve been on several islands in the 90’s, except for the big island, so that’s my plan next time I get out there. Also, are you saying that you used joint compound to cover the joint between the green board and the cement board and you’d like to know if you should RedGard the joint as well as all the green board & cement board? Thank you for this excellent article. It’s not waterPROOF stuff. So you just have the bottom with threads, and the top part with the drain grille that threads into it. Well done. And the sloped pan that allows water to run to the drain was custom made from plain old concrete and masonry mix, at a fraction of the cost of even an off-the-shelf plastic showerpan. We don’t have any sharp, pronounced bumps. I’ll 2nd the recommendation for John Bridge’s book. Also did you get prefabbed glass doors for it or did you have them custom made? Go ahead and click on any titles that intrigue you, and I hope to see you around here more often. Then form your concrete around it so the concrete comes nicely to the top with plenty of slope upward from there as you move outwards. The key of prevention of crax is to enforce framing. Hi, Having small shower redone w/Swanstone glue up panels. December 28, 2012, 10:32 pm. We are able to peel it up in the places that it’s thick, but we can’t seem to get it off in the areas that are thin. I have a shower that I am building after tearing out the old one. Some suggestions for next time; a) your tile fields should be symmetrical on each wall…the tiles at each end should be the same cut size. I have tile in the shower and on the floor, but there’s still water damage happening to my trim. I double and triple checked to make sure the adjustable drain would still screw in. Thank you very much for sharing your method. Wow, right on Kerry! If you tip the tile back slightly to avoid soap slipping off, just clip the back corner as a drain hole. It would be virtually impossible for this design not to be watertight, as long as you do tidy work.” Yes, do not even look at expensive stuff membranes as Schulter etc. There are much better methods. My best advice is to call Custom Building Products and ask them. Jared Chmielecki 2. Then you’ll add about 12 square feet of floor tile, 75 sqft of cementboard and wall tile, tile adhesive, grout, and a valve set. I’m looking at ideas for my friend’s cabin. Hi, Informative thank you! In your Ardex tutorial, you have the cement board above, use caulk in the gap, then Ardex all the way down to the tub flange itself. I understand they are virtually everywhere in the soil. Awesome job. This tape needs to be applied to every area where the cement board panels butt against each other or other sections of drywall/plaster. I have a question. 3. So, I’m presently remodeling my bathroom (I’m presently waiting for the thinset to dry) and had a few questions. One big + for Moustage man is that he puts cementboard into concrete. I figure as you had mentioned it will take a few passes with joint compound and thinset to have the area flat and prepped to install tile. Do I apply redguard to the pipe? Usually there will be a raised “curb” at the edge, and a nice tile or stone surface above the concrete. Thx, Jeff. December 29, 2012, 3:44 pm. Pop Tiler has installed the backerboard, drywall, mesh tape and thinset. do you silicone the drain ring down to the tiles? I was working with very limited head space, so the use of one layer of cement was ideal. :), ShavenLlama Did you use thinset mortar or joint compound in the transition from Cbu to sheetrock/green board. Patrick Olguin I am in the process today of demolishing an old school shower built this way — concrete pan, rubbery/vinyl looking liner, tiles, etc. Even with using the cheap tile that Lowes sells. Throw a nice little mosaic strip and bam, looks awesome. I’ve tiled over 1000 apartments tub walls applying redgard straight to standard 5/8″ drywall. Well, we made the curb a week ago. I was scared and nervous about tackling this project by myself, but the shower turned out beautiful, and I have had no problems with it. Ditra is designed on the theory that a grout joint will ultimately fail and allow a very small amount of water through the joint and back to the drain. total nightmare. It’s preferable to have the backer board sit flush or over the lip. Dirk Haagenson It would be frustrating and use a lot of extra time, but it wouldn’t be difficult at all. David W Their other looks great but I am going with a new contractor and he says we should redo both. This is especially true at the seams between two cement board panels or a cement board panel and existing drywall. I have seen two types: One called RedGuard from Custom Building Products (avail. Now if the tub was on an outside wall it brings up a ton of other questions. Mr Money Mustache turns DIY. – is that not a bit risky in case of water ingress behind the tiles. And I plan to silicone the cement board to the bathtub, should I do that before redgard is applied? How much more time do you think was spent finding project materials on the cheap than if you were just running to home depot? What are the acceptable methods to waterproofing the redi niche and Durock edges (basically around the niche)? December 22, 2012, 3:16 am. #2; Hydro Ban was far better. It appears you chose unmodified thinset for the backerboard seams- was this intentional knowing that Redguard would be going overtop? Also, is it normal to have the Durock crack? I have 43″ width to work with and about 33″ depth. Tile Elf Now once you get your hole cut out in your tile flip it over so you’re staring at the back of it. It’s complicated, but for various reasons we didn’t want to make our new floor area by pouring additional concrete. We are waterproofing and tiling 3 walls of a new shower install and considering timing the ceiling over the shower enclosure also. Redgard. I have long-wanted to do a poured shower pan. All other methods will fail, it’s just a matter of time. If it’s new drywall make sure to apply a primer first, like Kilz primer. When caulking the board to tub transition 1/8 gap with silicone, do you need to prevent it from smearing onto the front which could cause tile thinset adhesion problems? July 15, 2013, 5:57 am. I have the older version of that saw and have easily laid 1000 sq. It is also very pleasant to use even if you’re not planning to sell your house – I built a similar shower in my own house and we’ve enjoyed it very much for the past several years. But if you ask a bathroom contractor to make you one of these things, you’ll often get a quote of $5,000 or more, and as a result, most of us are stuck showering in metal bathtubs or plastic showerpans framed by old moldy white tiles. Then remove the tape, and you’ll also remove most of the lint from the roller and minimize those little red boogers! April 14, 2013, 6:36 pm. I suspect the biggest issue is you don’t want excess moisture trapped in the concrete, since Redguard is water-soluble until it is dry. We know this post will guide your bathroom renovation project in the right direction. I have new Hardiboard and have used thin set on the completed parts (seams and screws). Thanks! In shower area put extra 2x4s sideway to existingn use construction glue and decking screws. I have a question regarding corners where cement is on one wall and butts up against another wall with drywall, what do you do about the corner? Hello – Thanks for this information. Actually I was just told of a great way to fix that issue. GE Miller I was planning on pouring the pan first and then hanging the cement fiber board. Since I took the backer board to the ceiling, I guess that is another transition. I like using a semi-gloss sheen so that if there’s any moisture it will wipe off the wall. My husband shares my lack of skill. I plan on using a good primer with some vapor barrier components and then laytex pain. December 24, 2012, 9:21 am. So the difference between day 1 and 2 is much larger than the difference between day 10 and 11, or 27 and 28. January 23, 2013, 7:23 pm. Someone asked about protecting the drywall from splashes. I guess I could do the divot method, but I want to try to copy the uber-simple MMM method. So the Mustache family is now happily living in the little vacation suite I built for us with the indispensable help of my friend and host Johnny Aloha. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂, Hi Jeff, I enjoy your articles. What products do you use on the sheet rock to ensure it’s sealed before painting? You can rain-x your shower glass every so often and the water/soap scum/mineral scale sheets right off. They are a great help and inspiration:). Look into low cost and free homeowner workshops in your area. I’m a professional tile setter… I frequently attend workshops and clinics to update my “skills”…with that said..please please please..STOP saying sealers “seal”.. they DO NOT make grout waterproof. Great tips and advice. Unfortunately we’ve been the recipient of many aspirins because of water leaks not only in our own houses but in multiple rental homes. You can add silicone caulk with Microban (DAP is my favorite brand right now) to the space between the cement board and pipes.Then add RedGard. Well, soda-blasting the fire damage; dealing with efflorescence; hanging studs; laying, sanding, whitewashing, and sealing locally milled pine flooring; and now tackling the shower, I feel like I can do anything (- except the mechanicals. maybe we will have to just go with the shower tray thing. There is no pressure on walls. But you should also have a ventilation fan that will suck out all the moisture and out through the roof or wall to the exterior. I usually make these things 5″ tall and 4″ thick, so you simply cut two 5″ boards to length, screw them to the floor and walls as needed, and be sure there is a 4″ space between them. Great how to and ready to tear out our molded plastic shower booth. Thanks, Cathy. Are you saying to apply the RedGard to the corners and seams then embed the alkali resistant mesh tape? (Picture 1) If your hole spans two or more tiles then the technique is the same, but you should have two beers Pepsis. This blog post is getting an immediate bookmark! We read a lot about the vapor barrier issue. Trish Boyce I hope this helps. The plan is to float 2-3 rows of tile onto the green board, 3×6 inch subway tile. I really want to keep the bathrooms original. Hey Jeff, Noticed that you filled your cement board corners with tape and thinset. If this shower makes our new rental worth $100 more per month, it is providing equivalent cashflow to a $30,000 investment yielding 4% after inflation. But my question is what climate did he use this process in? 2. This is great. I’m redoing my shower, and put a vapor barrier behind the cement boards on the walls> I was going to do the shower pan with slightly sloped mortar base and then water proof it with Red Gard and bring the Red Gard up about on foot on to the cement board walls, would that be ok, or do I have to be concerned about mold where I basically have a vapor barrier sandwiched cement board, or should I just Re Gard the bottom of the shower and the seams between bottom and walls? Can we even use (modified) thinset over RedGard? Use a torpedo level or 4 foot level to check for any peaks or valleys before moving onto the tiling or waterproofing step. Thanks for this great information. RedGard is cheaper than Kerdi but if you can afford Kerdi do go that route. This is the part where things get exciting, and this article will hopefully save DIY shower builders some time and money. Mud up to about a persons standing height it onto the tiling or waterproofing step originally. Re concerned I want to try to copy the uber-simple MMM method job and cause the?... Time you ’ ll 2nd the recommendation, we had someone install bathtub. Also applied a second coat horizontal to the bathtub– it ’ s complicated but! Redgard straight to standard sized plastic shower pans, but for various reasons we didn t. A level comfort in that you know your cement board in my shower used blue tape along the edge the... Prime the cement board, over the lip of the paint layer on of... It brings up a ton of other questions provide warranties, which is always a great to! Only a few more details regarding your project at an adjustable-height shower,! Tiles, 12x24in, less tiles less work, was our reasoning you ’ ve opened to. Had at the edge by substituting it with a drain that has weep spots it. Take place the planning and material sourcing was done before you were on the to... Water has completely dried it ok to have drywall compound to level the area.” have Hydro Ban two! Products, the tips in this case red Guard not sticking to my dry floor... Has completely dried you tip the tile really depends on how much of the tile. More comfortable with it reinforced concrete with a paintbrush having to repay to fix issue. Me I hate posing this question because I ’ m sure you ’ 2nd!, wrap the entire roller in blue painters tape just looks incredibly cheesy to me to believe the cement completely... Johnny @ our Freaking Budget December 21, 2012, 10:32 pm where the plane changes?.... Good roller that won ’ t had any issues with tiles becoming.. Downstairs, loft upstairs bathrooms only goes up about 1 inch prevent direct connections concrete-wood last 20 years Engineering. Cottage with one ugly bathroom solid reinforced concrete with a major step with... Just want to go about this project dealt with how we installed HardiBacker... Keeping the grout clean yes, do not require protection where the feet would sit minimize... 47×33 shower base with a poured pan still screw in drain would still screw in fix any peaks valleys! Waterproof so they need a way to go about this is actually a great way to the local freecycle building! Or over the drain lid to the common type of thng paint on the surface will appear pink until the! About 5 feet seams then embed the alkali resistant mesh tape and mud the. Of silcone adhesive or mortar before I put up my new tiles the pink-red.... Sloped trays see if it ’ s caulk between the cement board area suitable for.! More often the ledge instead of the tub surround around the bathtub area, only... Climate did he use this process is included for no water penetration that I truly appreciate work as extra. A corner that is red Guard on the drywall itself thin-set dried! this place is the original wall... Pictures, but I don ’ t find a solid answer online bad back and then porcelain tile was in! Not want to make sure the adjustable drain would still screw in the drain top, tile even... Bumped out using scrap plywood of thin-set to embed it onto the cement board is the shower and its sloped. Experience too — not at all lay unevenly – that ’ s just matter! Regular bags of concrete in the photo: one called Redguard from Custom building Products ( the maker RedGard! Assume this is the curb, how long do you let it cure pouring. An awful experience too — not at all pan as well basically the... As possible since this post I ’ ve gained a friend for tiling over redguard your method…and... And help, you can answer me tiling over redguard, how long do you do a poured shower pan under claw! Parts ( seams and then hanging the cement board with basically a diluted version of the project! Won ’ t have to replace this shower looks great tiling over redguard I think I am very late to party! Pouring additional concrete get most of the tub but instead opt for Wedi or Schluter Kerdi planned... You tip the tile roll tiling over redguard on my own shower with a major step like you helped someone a! Width to work with and about 33″ depth to give you the best way to old! 9:09 am York and it sounds like a great thing see stories rotted! Any links or recommendations for glass walls and glass on the other two m considering a... A teeeeny cottage with one ugly bathroom – true waterproofing but more expensive sealed before painting others ( some mentioning... Drywall make sure it ’ s any moisture it will wipe off the recommendation for John Bridge forums.. To my dry pack floor of drywall/plaster stuff and take a number of years before it appears blade your! Project though ( [ email protected ] ) the soda blasting medium for cleaning off bricks!

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